Fylkingen x Cafe Oto - Amina Hocine, Daniel M Karlsson & John Chantler, Lise-Lotte Norelius, euroDYKE, Paul Pignon


Fylkingen is continuing our 90-year celebration with a special event at Cafe Oto in London, consisting of multichannel pieces and live performances by Fylkingen members.

Amina Hocine (b.1991) is Swedish composer, sound artist, and instrument creator, currently pursuing her masters in electro acoustic composition at the Royal college of music in Stockholm. She writes acousmatic and notated music for musicians, focusing on longform pieces, exploring minimal harmonic movements and static rhythmic gestures. Her recent work has been centered around a self-made organ embodied from HVAC components, which produces mesmerizing drones with profound psychoacoustic effects. Drawing inspiration from spiritual sciences, she weaves detailed timbres that encourage deep listening in her compositions.


Lise-Lotte Norelius (1961) has 40 years experience as a musician. Established herself early as a percussionist, but has since 2000 mainly been focusing on live electronics. She studied electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1998-2002 and has since then composed music for speakers, musicians with live electronics, poetry, theater, installations and dance performances. The preference for small, pathetic, comic and ugly sounds, rhythmic structures and long lines often characterize her music, which can be both beautiful, raw and brutal. Recent years she has been using controllable motors, home made noisy devices, synth jewelry, vacuum cleaners and floppy drives, for further processing with her
Max/MSP software and various effect boxes.

John Chantler and Daniel M Karlsson have both been active with recording and performing individually for some time (see various solo releases on XKatedral, ROOM40, etc). This project marks the beginning of some new duo music that extends out of their experiments with computer controlled analog synthesis.

The duo’s first release ‘Hell or High Water’ is now available:


euroDYKE or Valerie is a sound composer-er and medicine developer, a child of Pentecost, living in Sweden but from “the continent”. While studying industrial medicine in Åmål, she gained quark-stardom for her sound-sit-stand-ins in the aptly named “Alvedome” where she among others met composer Hekate Andersson, who encouraged her to pursue sound composition more seriously. Since then, euroDYKE has performed at Utkonst in Malmö, has signed to the Charleville-Mézières-based record co-op Laine d’Ver! and released her uneponymous double to critical acclaim, being TikTok-praised by Colin Farrell and lauded by the Italian electroacoustic underground, among others. euroDYKE is currently the chairwoman of Fylkingen and explores extrauniversal sonics in an attempt to understand how it is to be a more or less sentient cloud.


Paul Pignon - Recreatures 4 program commentary
"The source material was created by interaction between me and a Zoetic Engine I built on the
Synthi 100 at the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio in 2018. It consisted of three ”creatures” made
by complex patching and involving quite a lot of nearly unstable states.
The creatures have a life of their own, thanks to their inherent instability they ”play” by themselves,
but are mostly rather indolent unless they receive stimuli from the outside world.
In this ZE there are three such creatures, which also animate one another to a certain extent.
We created this piece together, I animating them by playing (bassett horn), and they me hearing
their responses.
I reworked the original material to (re)create a different overall form and a four-channel version."

Co-production: Fylkingen & Cafe Oto
With support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee