Kommande program


  • A.M.Popoli

    18 Jan 2020 - 19:00

    am popoli & fylkingen :
    Crash course - how to communicate 'by any means necessary'

    Live :
    Incidental music for invasion
    Heta Bilaletdin
    Rotem Geffen
    Samuli Tanner

    Pause music :
    David Bremer (live)

    Entré : 100sek
    Bara kort / Cards only!
    i m i / Incidental music for invasion :

    Rotem Geffen :
    är en bortskämd blomma som måste planteras på nytt varje år
    Rotem Geffen piano röst, Isak Hedtjärn klarinett, Milton Öhrström synt, Vilhelm Bromander bas
    Heta Bilaletdin :
    creates eccentric lo-fi disco, fumbling collages and sci-fi dub out of hissy home recordings, vocals and field sounds.

    Samuli Tanner :
    is a finnish electronic musician who plays some playful sci-fi music and beats made with self-built samplers, old tapemachines and new computers. In his music air and the opposite of air exists at the same time. Then he shows you some nice video and still images also at the same time. So it is a win-win show.
    Format :
    Noise rock n roll duo whose destructive research begins from the improvised blending of drums, guitar and synthesizer.
    bandcamp: https://codafanzine.bandcamp.com/album/1-1-1

    David Bremer :
    live pause musik i foajen mellan varje konsert på stora scenen.
    live pause music in foyer between every concert on the main stage.
    "en noise-skivspelare försöker sig på ett lounge-set"

    Medlemsproduktion: piak

  • musique électronique

    19 Jan 2020 - 18:00

    Välkomna till en konsert med Lars Bröndum, Per Gärdin, Torbjörn Bellind och Mats Dimming.

    Dörrar öppnas 18.00
    Konsert börjar 18.30

    Fri entré


    25 Jan 2020 - 20:00

    Finnish-Icelandic electric guitar ensemble Sähkökitarakvartetti presents the Swedish premiere of new compositions by Daniel M Karlsson, Hafdís Bjarnadóttir and Tytti Arola & Þhorkell Nordal.

    Sähkökitarakvaretti is a Helsinki-based electric guitar quartet that represents different backgrounds, aesthetics and approaches to the instrument. The quartet focuses on the breaking down of imaginary boundaries in relation to the sonic arts, the only constant being the guitar. By commissioning and performing pieces candidly, the group has found themselves in a wide range of settings: from fragile reductionism to extreme sludge drone, from uncanny conceptualism to sublime chamber music.

    The quartet has premiered pieces by composers such as Clara de Asis, Léo Dupleix, Sami Klemola and Lauri Supponen and performed e.g. in the esteemed Musica Nova festival in Helsinki. At Fylkingen Sähkökitarakvartetti are joined by Stockholm guitarist Susanna Risberg.

    Tytti Arola & Þorkell Nordal: ...and once the good more (2019)
    Lauri Hyvärinen: Material (2017)
    Hafdís Bjarnadóttir: Hyrnan IV (2019)
    Sigurður Rögnvaldsson: A Day in the Life of a ...Monster (2018)
    Daniel M Karlsson: Mutually Exclusive Continuities (2019)
    Lisa Stenberg

    Duration 1,5h with intermission.

    Juhani Grönroos, gtr / Lauri Hyvärinen, gtr / Jukka Kääriäinen, gtr / Sigurður Rögnvaldsson, gtr / Susanna Risberg, gtr (in Karlsson's piece)

    This concert is a part of the project 'The String Network’, supported by the Nordic Culture Point and the Finnish Music Foundation.


    Entrance 60/80 SEK


    medlemsproduktion Daniel M Karlsson

  • open call - experimental scene

    29 Jan 2020 - 19:00

    We are starting off a new "open mic" for experimental stage performances in spring 2020!

    The concerts/performances will take place on the small stage located in the foyer.

    The "open mic" will let you have a moment of reflection in your process of experimentation in a live situation, to let your process in a shortened version get presented on stage and let you to get feedback in your work (if wanted). We are not asking you to present a ready piece and it doesn't need to be prepared for a live performance. But instead, it can be a part of a piece, a part of a bigger arrangement.

    Guidelines :
    - Concerts / performances are 10-15 minutes.
    - You will transport all the necessary gear and assemble it at fylkingen.
    - Your soundcheck will be limited. but there will be a sound technician present to help you with smaller obstacles.

    We supply you with :
    - PA-system.
    - Basic lighting.
    - There are some di-boxes and cords.
    - An open and safe environment for all.
    - A meal

    >>>Applications to : Julian.n.murray@hotmail.com
    Title the email "open mic"
    Send us a short description of your project and set-up of the night. Attach links if there is any and tell us which dates you could attend.

  • Vinylessencer, multisträngar och avfallssampling

    31 Jan 2020 - 19:30

    Admission 100 SEK, student 50 SEK

    Daring, emotional, glimmering musical escapades with electronic equilibrists and multi musicians. Internationally renowned Spanish pianist Hara Alonso performs new music for expanded Grand piano. VFO - Välfärdsorkestern joins us all on a contemplative journey through timmer flottning, love and the fading gloria of dreams and expectations. Again and yet for the first time OLÅT gathers for a intriguing heartfelt session of musical experimentalism and artmusic.

    Hara Alonso is a pianist and sound designer based in Stockholm. Her music blends dance, electronica, and experimental aesthetics generating rich, complex and imaginative sonic universes. She usually applies self-made software tools, modular synthesisers and own material samples. Physicality is a central element in her creation, therefore she has invented some unique body interfaces for electronic music.

    VFO - Välfärdsorkestern, en kontemplativ resa genom ett landskap befolkat av skygga begrepp såsom threshold, distorsion, timmerflottning, drömmar, desinformation, valfläsk och feedback, låg impulskontroll, avfallssampling och statistisk analys, kaffe och bullar, apné och gdi, kreosot och ozon, lustgas och växthus, dagens nyheter och den svenska välfärdens bleknande gloria. Lise-Lotte Norelius och Sören Runolf, live-elektronik.

    OLÅT Eva Lindal, violin, Viktor Zeidner, vinylspelare och Thomas Bjelkeborn elektronik och video.