KOMMUN (Finn Loxbo/Lisa Ullén/Ryan Packard/Vilhelm Bromander


This evening, a long version of the piece Ephemeralds, that was released in the spring on the label Fönstret, will be performed.

Tickets: 150/100SEK
Doors: 19.00, Concert: 19.30

"A strange and compelling listen"—Antonio Poscic, The Quietus.
"Every utterance feels borne of heightened listening."
— Peter Margasak, Nowhere Street

Ephemeralds is the first record by Finn Loxbo’s new ensemble Kommun which marks a distinct development in the guitarist’s compositional practice. Performing together with pianist Lisa Ullén, kontrabassist Vilhelm Bromander and percussionist Ryan Packard, Loxbo has set up a situation of intense focus, dissolving individual identities into a collective sound world of resolute clarity. Each musician manipulates a collection of tightly stipulated pitch material whilst bringing the shared timbral qualities of each instrument into close proximity. Uniquely, this dissolution of identity happens without relying on a blur of sustained tones. The music remains hard. A chiselled, gleaming beauty, but one hung in a precarious assemblage of rhythmic co-dependence. With Ephemeralds, the act of listening both invokes and displaces our memories, phrases and combinations slip away at the very point they coalesce.


Kommun — Ephemeralds (Version) from Edition Festival for Other Music on Vimeo.