Doors: 19:30
Concert: 20:00


Absolutely relentless. There is this image in my mind. An image of an expansive turbulent sea dotted with small islands and waves crashing around. The picture appears to have been taken while inside motion, perhaps moving quickly across the water as most objects in the image are out of focus. Everything is a blur but still you can make out the trees on the island and the foam on some of the waves. The image retains its shape and coherence even when it appears to be captured at lightning speed.

Missnöje ('Dissatisfaction' or 'Disappointment' in Swedish) refers to this constant search — a dissatisfaction with letting the image sit complacently, even for a moment.

Finn Loxbo / electric guitar and electronics
Elsa Bergman / electric bass
Ryan Packard / drums and electronics

Elsa Bergman / Finn Loxbo / Ryan Packard from Edition Festival for Other Music on Vimeo.

“Friction. Energy. Resistence. It is all THERE! Throw yourself in!
Just go with the gushing flow of an extremly emotional and spiritual experience.
The first time I listened to this free.jazz-punk-grind-improv MAYHEM, I just sat with my jaw in my lap. Smiling. They have nothing to hide, they will never swim downstream into the mainstream.
No hidden agendas here!”
- Mats Gustafsson

Elin Forkelid / saxophones
Gustaf Hielm / electric bass
Erik Carlsson / drums


Medlemsproduktion: John Chantler