The Pignon Agenda genomför Agendum 4


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OBS! inget inträde mellan KL 20.00-20.40.


19:30 Dörrarna öppnas

19:40 Uvertyr: Singing Up för didgeridoo och IKEA saladsskål av och med Paul Pignon – 8’

20:00 Field Effect – real-time choreography and composition with live video by Liisa Pentti, Hara Alonso, YumikoYoshimoto, Atilio Doreste (E), Girilal Baars, koncept Paul Pignon

20:30 Paus – i baren: videovisning: REVERSE forward
Director & choreographer: Mikko Kallinen, Video artists: Marko Luukkonen, Roberto Pugliese, Mikko Anttilainen, and Mikko Kallinen. Music: Girilal Baars

You are invited to move/dance around at will.

21:10 Spin Vector Collapse – real-time composition by Hara Alonso, Girilal Baars, Atilio Doreste, Yumiko Yoshimoto, publiken medverkar med egna rörelser och mobiler. Koncept Paul Pignon

21:40 Paus + videovisning : Atilio Doreste -Floor Sound Exercises

22:15 Coda: Creatures Talk – ett EAM stycke av Paul Pignon – 6’ 30’’
skapad med Synthi 100 på dokumenta 12 Aten


Liisa Pentti (FI) is one of the visionaries of the Finnish dance scene. She has worked intensively as a dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1987. Her inspiration is in continuously finding new ways to play with movement and create choreography. She is moving in a landscape where dance, performance and theatre are combined, questioning and exploring the limits of performative expression. The art of the performer and her unique presence are the essence in Liisa Pentti’s work, and from that source she creates a recognizable and enchanting ambiance.

Hara Alonso (E/SE) is  a pianist and sound designer. Coming from a classical background she is currently working in the integration of new technologies in music through composition, performance, improvisation and multimedia. She has given concerts as soloist and as member of different ensembles around Europe: Finland, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Russia.

Yumiko Yoshimoto(JP/DE) is a Japanese guitarist, active on the improvisation/experimental music scene in Tokyo. After having played in some rock bands, started playing free style guitar improvisation in 2006. Made the music for Japanese film director Isao Yamada's “daydream” (8mm/20min/2008), Released the album “Yoshimoto/Griciute/Mikalkenas” (Sculdubuldu records/2016) with Lithuanian musicians. European Tour included the Water Tower Art Fest in Bulgaria (2016 Jun).

Atilio Doreste (E) Walker, artist, photographer and phonographer from the Canary Islands.

Girilal Baars (NL/RU/I/SE) is a vocalist and composer based in Uppsala Sweden. He works in the fields of electroacoustic music/sound art, vocal improvisation and traditional vocal folk music and has a PhD in composition. He has collaborated with many artists, including taking part in Marina Abramović’s performance at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in 2017 and writing his own part in a production of Puccini’s Turandot in 2017 (Folkoperan, Stockholm). Girilal’s interest in the extended techniques of voice go together with an interest in language and the thin line between nonsense and coherence.

Art Work: Lucie Coventry (AU)

Paul Pignon

Member production: Paul Pignon