PARC is Sam Ayers, Justin Chatburn & MSCHarding


PARC CD1 The Ghost Orchid - An Introduction to EVP
PARC 2 Raymond Cass - Archives
PARC CD3 Friedrich Jürgenson - from the Studio for Audioscopic Research

At Stardust, PARC will present and display, visually and sonically, the work of the EVP pioneers, Raymond Cass [UK] and Friedrich Jürgenson [Russia/Sweden]. For the last 2 years PARC has been compiling, cataloguing and releasing to the public the archives of these two EVP researchers. The story of this process, illustrated by slides and examples of the recordings, as well as photographs, will be presented at the Modern Museum. There will also be lectures and discussion groups held at various stages throught the period of the festival.

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