3 Sep 2014 - 20:00

Yan Jun (CN)
Magnus Widesheim
Magnus Johansson
Helene Hedsund
Lars Åkerlund
Per Åhlund

Vi testar hur Öhmans åttakanals PA-system låter på Fylkingen.
Ni är välkomna att prova och lyssna själva efter konserten.
Ta med något som låter!


Yan Jun, musician. based in Beijing. He plays improvised music and makes field recording. His works involve in electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, noise and organizing. His feedback improvisation set always following the unstable relationship between microphones, speakers, the space and his own body movement.

He is member of FEN, Tea Rockers Quintet and Impro Committee. He has toured in US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Often play at audiences’ living rooms and use the specific space and objects as instruments (Living Room Tour project). His Micro Feedback project is a headphone hypnotizing for small amount of audience.


Fri entré.


6 Sep 2014 - 19:00

Trouble Vs Glue (IT)
Pets or Food (Malmö)
Imaginary Forces (UK)
Ellen Arkbro (Stockholm)
Maria & Mor DJ set

Poster by: Grace Wilson

Pets or Food (Malmö)
Malmö's no wave, post punk legends and one of my favorite Swedish bands.
I'd been hearing about them for years mostly from Christian Pallin (Koloni in Gbg) who would ALWAYS say there name first whenever I had a band gap to fill. I eventually did book them to play Marie Laveau and they totally killed it!
At that gig I had one of those rare, eyes closed, lost in the sound moments, that I don't often get to have at my own events. They got a new record coming so here we are....

Older videos:
New video:

Live at 22.00

Trouble Vs Glue is a duo:
as the name says, we can picture one of 'em as the Trouble and the other as the Glue, in a never ending fight made of synths, guitar, drums and wicked voices. They might be two but they sound like a six pieces band! Groove drumming and percussions, killer synths and guitars, female/male schizo voices combined with a dadaist pop attitude into a mix of no-wave, weird punk and hypnotic synth atmospheres.

At times TvsG sound like the Residents with a punk drummer, in others like a weird japanese electronic pop band from the '80s, while some other tracks bring us back to the no-wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and DNA.


Imaginary Forces (UK)
Live at 21.00

London's Anthoney J. Hart crafts dark and mind-altering electronic music, steeped in a love of UK rave culture and the psychedelic properties of looped sound.
So Hart's is music that sounds born of a self-taught and self-generated approach, but strongly affected by a few key influences: like fellow Londoner Powell, he cites old rave and drum & bass records as crucial to his musical development, and they're implicit presences throughout (if not immediately audible), scored deep into his music's surface like pen pressure imprints in a pad of paper.

He's had a number of releases on various labels including Ohm Resistance, Gothenburg's Fang Bomb, as well as his own DIY label Sleep Codes which is distributed by Cargo.

Upcoming releases include a 12" on Bedouin in October, another 12" on Fang Bomb by December, and an album on Entr'acte in the new year

Interview and mix:

Ellen Arkbro
Live at 20.00

Ellen is a musician and composer from Stockholm, working in the field of slowly evolving electronic music and just intonation. She is a member of the band Mordbarn and the audiovisual quartet Hästköttskandalen. Her work comes in different shapes such as solo performances, sound/video installations and pieces for ensemble. PSS-280 is her new synth pop solo project.

This evening Ellen will be broadcasting slow wave pop songs of cosmic love in a generative audiovisual environment. Slowly transcending colours of harmonies shining through the appellant melodies.




Entrè: 80 kr

Arrangemang: Mother/Fylkingen


7 Sep 2014 - 19:00

Edmundy (Börft, Karlskrona)
Magdalena Nordin (Umeå)
Durian Grey (Stockholm, medlemmar från The Sun & En halvkokt i folie)
Katten & Björnen (Karbenning & Stockholm)
Åse Frid (Rådmansö) - video & text
Gatuduvan - Spoken Word

Blandad kväll med musik, text och performance.

Helene Hedsund - Nio stationer, elektroakustiskt stycke för åtta högtalare.

En konstutställning i foajén med:
Christian Cavallin
Stina Stigell
Johan & Åse Frid

Med flera...




Entré: 40 kr

Medlemsarrangemang: Iwo Myrin