15 Oct 2015 - 19:30


Fylkingen torsdagen den 15 Oktober 2015 Kl. 19:30

Inför premiären av verket RESILIENCE och Barriärorkesterns premiärkonsert håller vi en liten förfest torsdagen den 15 oktober klockan 19.30 på Fylkingen.

Kom och mingla med oss – vi bjuder på soppa och hemliga musikaliska akter!

Dessutom kan gäster på förfesten under kvällen köpa biljetter till Barriärkosterns premiär den 29 oktober till reducerat pris (50 kronor istället för 100).


Fri entré


Medlemsproduktion:: Ann Rosén

ROOM40 OPENFRAME, STOCKHOLM: Lawrence English / Olivia Block / Andrea Belfi

16 Oct 2015 - 19:30

Tickets: 100SEK adv / 120 SEK door / 80SEK (Students/Medlemmar)


Three day festival pass: 280SEK (adv) / Limited earlybird advance passes: 210SEK

Since the turn of the century ROOM40 has operated out of Brisbane, Australia publishing more than 150 editions from artists all over the globe. The label celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of events worldwide including Openframe Stockholm — three days of radical listening at Fylkingen and Audiorama.

This Fylkingen concert features label boss Lawrence English delivering one of his immense explorations of the physicality of listening alongside dense, liminal psycho-acoustics from American composer Olivia Block and subtle percussive texture from Andrea Belfi.



Lawrence English is composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He investigates the politics of perception, through live performance and installation, to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.

on Wilderness of Mirrors:

"a giant exhalation of thickly flexing drones that soon ignites in a radioactive mushroom cloud" - Pitchfork

"crushes you in rolling waves of hot noise before weightless, trebly drones emerge from the clamour in a terrific manipulation of sonic space that’s alternately claustrophobic and expansive" - Fact Magazine





Olivia Block creates electroacoustic sound compositions for performance, recordings, installations, cinema, orchestra and chamber music concerts.

Her solo performances include partially improvised pieces for electronics and amplified objects, presented in a slow and deliberate gestural style that Steve Smith of the New York Times described recently as having “palpable sensations of volition and emotional involvement.” Block also performs original pieces for inside piano. Her compositions often combine field recordings, chamber instruments and electronic textures. In addition to her compositions for solo recordings and performances, Block creates multimedia works for sounds and video and writes scores for large ensemble, string quartet, and orchestra.





Andrea Belfi is a drummer, electroacoustic musician and composer. His projects and collaborations extend to diverse musical fields, from rock to electroacoustic experimentation, from avant-folk to radical improvisation, from audio/visual performance to sound installation.

He studied art in Milan before becoming involved in experimental music. He currently lives in Berlin and its projects include collaborations with Erik Skodvin, Stefano Pilia, Mike Watt, David Grubbs, BJNilsen, Simon James Phillips, Aidan Baker, Hobocombo.

“Rhythm may well be written into the DNA of every human, as fundamental as a heartbeat, yet with “Wege” Belfi demonstrates a rare understanding of its subtleties and complexities.” Nathan Thomas – Fluid Radio




OPENFRAME STOCKHOLM: 15.10 @ Audiorama: Thembi Sodell + TBC | 16.10 @ Fylkingen: Lawrence English + Olivia Block + Andrea Belfi | 17.10 @ Audiorama: Brunhild Ferrari + Lawrence English presents Viento


Olivia Block appears in collaboration with EMS.
Supported by Stockholm Stad and Kulturrådet.
Produced by John Chantler.


Medlemsproduktion: John Chantler

Ominous Recordings - 10 Year Anniversary

17 Oct 2015 - 19:00 - 18 Oct 2015 - 01:00

Ominous Recordings – 10 year anniversary

I founded Ominous Recordings in April 2005. My goal was to provide a platform for young musicians who wanted to create dark, odd and extreme music in different ways. It’s been a long hard road into hell since then. I have met and worked with strange people, I have released amazing things, met so many great artists and hosted a lot of evenings in order to meet the consumers as well as enjoy the artists music live.
The first live evenings was behind the black door in Solna, I did a once-was-enough-don’t-come-back matinée thing at the library in Solna and had a showcase at last years Norbergfestival.
During the 10 years I have been on the brink of bankruptcy, I had a year when all I sold was one (1!) CD and I have been tempted to just call it quits more times than I can remember. I have been broke and spent my last money on tapes several times.
But I can’t stop. I can’t put this to rest. I actually don’t care if I make a buck or not, I don’t care if the trends or the world are going in opposite direction from what I’m doing, since I just fucking love the music I put out. No trends, no gods, no masters, no nothing.
This evening is a celebration of 10 years of bad ideas, bad investments, love for the ugly and a middle finger salute to everything.

Ominous Recordings offers you live performances from 5 artists. Some old, some new, some in between. Besides the live music the entire, available, catalogue will be there. The few Ominous shirts that are left, Soviet Jazz shirts. Vinyls, CD’s, tapes, excellent company, bad company. Come celebrate Swedens best kept secrets 10th birthday!

JSH is the solo outlet of Johan Strömvall Hammarstedt (Ominous Recordings). Harsh noise/power electronics, audible disease, a sense of violence, self-deception and void of any kind of trend sensitivity. Recordings vary between noise and more experimental/avant-garde attempts at creating something interesting. Live performances usually means broken equipment, errors and small doses of chaos.


Soviet Jazz
Soviet Jazz has created irregular noise in Stockholms northern suburbs as far as anyone can remember. The apathy and disorientation experienced between concrete walls and commuter train stations nurtures the uneasy soundscapes, brass maltreatment and spastic beats that has signified their take on musical deconstruction throughout their badly cataloged recordings, available on different formats, physical and digital. Soviet Jazz has played at several Ominous evenings since 2010 and did a stunning live performance at Solna City Library back in 2012. Last year they filled Mimerlaven at Norbergfestival with the howlings of burning widows.


Human Rays
This is music for the scorched earth, the wasted land, and who or what ever inhabits it. Rhythmical bursts of static blend with the shrieks of mutant electronics in a bleak, industrial vision of what happened after the end. The question is if the human rays are a glimmer of hope in the darkness or simply the effects of radiation exposure.


Diskrepant is the solo project of Per Åhlund based in Stockholm, Sweden.
He’s involved in several experimental music-, and sound art-projects. With Diskrepant he explores the borders between sound and music and creates live compositions on the verge of dissolving with a focus on atmosphere and texture rather than tonality and rhythm.
Live Diskrepant use contact microphones, vibrators, gadgets and effect pedals to form gloomy soundscapes and noisy, abstract sound environments.


Feberdröm was founded in Gothenburg in 2008, but has since then relocated to Bergen (Norway). The project has kept a relatively low profile between other artistic activities but plays a few live sets each year, and has a handful of releases on labels such as Järtecknet, Nil By Mouth, Utmarken and Ominous Recordings. It combines dirty and atmospheric elements into dark and hallucinatory soundscapes with its roots in old school industrial, harsh noise, power electronics, italian film soundtracks as well as the aesthetic of old british anarcho punk/crust.


Entré: 100 kr


Medlemsproduktion: Robin Smeds Mattila