In Search of Chemistry

Fyra akter

1 - Krock
Pascal Jardry
Danjel Röhr
*Wyoming av Maria Lithell*

2 - Anna Högberg
*Saxophone solo*

3 - Loxbo / Blennow / Gustafsson / Marko
*Strukturerad och fri improvisation, ett undersökande av kommunikation och komposition med fokus på det fria spelet.*

4 - Michael Mykola Haleta / Ryan Jordan
*Ryan Jordan is an electronic noise artist whose work explores noise and literal approach to DIY electronics. Recent projects include the creation of sound generating devices constructed with raw metals and mineral ores. The devices are then used in live audiovisual performances utilizing high volume noise and powerful stroboscopic light in an attempt to create hallucinatory phenomena within himself and audience members. He has performed at festivals, concerts and conferences in the UK, Europe, America and China. *



Entre: 100/80

Member-production: Danjel Röhr