Poster by Raquel Meyers


Ephemeral Interferences - is the audiovisual performance wherein close interactions between improvised sounds and moving images trigger deep immersive experience of optical sound and sonified vision. Maciej Ożóg uses electromagnetic field sensors, custom-build Analog RF Power Detector for Sonification of Wireless Network Traffic as well as software to create dense soundscapes that are a form of sonification of invisible architecture of electromagnetic flows specific for the performance venue. Mariusz Knysak creates images in real time with the help of mirrors, polished metal sheet, and other reflexive materials set in motion by the performer creating ephemeral, hologram-like, ghost-like images that flow in space engulfing the audience.

Maciej Ożóg and Mariusz Knysak started working together at the end of 2014. The first result of their collaboration was a series of video recordings and photographs by Knysak, inspired by sound compositions prepared for Ożóg's CD "Electric Disobedience of Flesh" (Requiem Records 2015). Some of the pictures were the basis of the cover design of this release. The realization of the video "Access 3", which is the visualization of one of the tracks from the Ożóg's album, was the turning point in Ozog-Knysak cooperation. It was the impulse to start conceptual working on the audiovisual performance based on a deep integration and interaction of vision and sound.


Noise my TXT - A live performance where motion and sound are created from scratch just by Type In with a keyboard. The grid is the framework and the text characters are the instructions. A complete method of craft stored in text who uses a Commodore C64, a Typewriter and a Teletext (Text-tv) Service. Text is used unadorned and rough-cast, like concrete. A brutalist storytelling about technology. The project was premiered at ‘net based @ HeK - House of Electronic Arts’, Basel, in March 2016.

BRUTASLISTAS are Raquel Meyers (ES) and Alexandra Nilsson (SE) who started their collaboration in 2015 after having played together at Ϟ ELEKTRANATTEN Ϟ in Malmö. The first result of this collaboration was 'Machete al Machote', premiered at VINDÖGA Festival, a live performance with real time processed trumpet, electronics and PETSCII visuals. Noise my TXT is their latest project, focusing on real time typing and processing.



Photo by Kaffe Matthews

- light controlled electronics -

xname aka Eleonora Oreggia. 
London based conceptual electronic artist from Milan, she makes performances and interactive installations. Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthesizers and complex semi chaotic machines.

She is currently associated with the Augmented Instruments Laboratory at Queen Mary University where she is developing electronic musical instruments within the Antennas & Electromagnetics Group. She is also the
 founder of Nebularosa, a record label promoting experimental electronic music that challenges the established modes of music production.


Entrance: 80kr / 60kr




Medlemsproduktion: Josefin Lindebrink och Alexandra Nilsson