tillbaka till programpunkt

Girl Power for small ensemble - 1998
(first performance).

A cul-de-sac forces one to choose, either to turn back and try to find another way, or to try and push on. Most people make the simpler choice - as I can´t go on I must turn back. But as soon as you turn back you are lost forever.

Western art music has entered a cul-de-sac. The traditional form of "artistic" music practice is now openly retrogressive, where all those involved are expected to play with false cards, stamped "culture". Music has become one of the many symptoms of a society which has chosen lies and the strategy of deception.

From a star-strewn heaven rains instant soup powder, ready in a moment. Children are brought up to be obedient, impotent participants in a meaningless play, in which the lines are but empty sounds. "Girl Power" attempts to break through the wall at the end of the cul-de-sac. It demanded an entirely new approach and, not the least, a completely new ensemble, unfettered by the past and with an utterly uncompromising attitude to outdated values and ideals.

This isn't art, it is "Girl Power".