ElekTON 4

Elektronisk muzak/live elektronik/improvisation/soundbar
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Entré 50:- Bar

Ett medlemsinitiativ av Mikael Stavöstrand.

coH aka. Ivan Pavlov
coH - ENTER TINNITUS (CD by Rastermusic)

Rastermusic work in series. Besides the clear series, in which the Cascone CD is just released, the now have the static series. The first one comes in a silkscreened freezer bag and is by one Ivan Pavlov. This one comes closer to what Rastermusic stands for, and bears many marks of frozen beats. It's the kind of music that has no word yet. It's not really minimal techno, or ambient, or industrial.

The people working this area, like Pan Sonic, Ikeda, Goem, Noto try to get a harsh, crispy clear, minimal beat with tonal variations in the mid and high range. Great care for the detailled changes. At times to beaty for home listening, and enough weirdness to avoid the dance floor.

Pavlov comes from Sweden and works as an acoustic engineer. He's interested in 'observing known "hidden" activities (such as planetary motion, cellular life of electro.magnetic disturbances)'... well whatever. He delivers a fine disc of electronic bubbles, which appeal probably to those who already like the label or the unnamed genre. Only the track "Space Odyssey Revisited" is a miss and seems out of place.

(FdW) review from Vital Weekly.


This is not a familiar name to me. The press release reveals that Johansson has released some breakbeat stuff somewhere, but not under his own name. So that's probably why.... What we have here is digital electro-acoustic music (i would like to rename the genre to: digicoustic music or digicoustics, because the acoustic origins of the material and its digital processing are quite obvious). So, a lot of quirks, crackles, bleeps and..... a lot of silence(s). Associations with RLW, Günter and sometimes Chain Reaction force themselves upon me. But none of them really fit.

There is something very relaxed and exiting at the same time about this record. It is very difficult to describe this music; it is very open and there is a lot of time and space for the listener. And there is a lot of very good and strange sound material used. Definitely some good ears at work here! At some moments I think that the pieces lack structure/composition a bit, which makes concentrated listening a little diffiult now and then. But for a first release this is very good stuff indeed and worth to listen to!

review from Vital Weekly.