People Like Us (UK)


26/10 kl 19.30
27-28/10 Dagsföreställningar, ring för att boka plats.

Ljud och bild från gamla LP-skivor, radiosändningar och populärkulturellt kitsch klipps och omarrangeras. People Like Us har beskrivits som en blandning av humor och domedag med drag av dadaism och ironi.


People Like Us is the work of Vicki Bennett, whose CDs and LPs on the Soleilmoon and Staalplaat labels feature her unique plunderphonic stylings. Dadaist samplings and reshufflings of cultural oddities from discarded LPs is a recurrent theme, as is the use of intercepted radio broadcasts gutted and completely recontextualized. There is an air of both humour and impending doom within the work of PLU.
From her first release in 1991, to her latest project, the forthcoming "The Thermos Explorer" on the Hot Air label, People Like Us has created or contributed to more than 25 CDs and records as well as several collaborative releases and numerous compilation tracks. PLU´s collaborators both in the studio and in concert have included Negativland, The Jet Black Hair People, Sniper, Mr. Rotorvator, Barbed, MusikToerist, and more.

Her numerous radio credits include works commissioned for VPRO in Holland and regular appearances on Negativland's Over The Edge program in the USA. Summer 1999 sees the release of a remix CD of PLU by the following artists: Coil, Bruce Gilbert, Rehberg & Bauer, Cyclobe, Christoph Heemann, Negativland, Mika Vainio, Boyd Rice, Farmers Manual, Death in June, Req 1, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Dummy Run, Andy Votel and Badly Drawn Boy, Katy Brown, Xper. Xr., Dr. P. Li Khan, Mr Rotorvator, Barbed, Sons of Silence, Sniper, V/Vm, Venoz [TKS], Felix Kubin.

Vicki tours regularly in many cinema/club spaces over Europe, with performances of video projection and audio collage, and has recently been commissioned by Work & Leisure International to show this work at Manchester Green Room, Hull Time Based Arts, and Nottingham Expo in the Autumn.

"The dialogue between formal harmonic shifts and documentary atmospheres is just right. The music sucks and blows and breathes like a living thing seen through half-closed eyelids... The bravura with which People Like Us combine their materials is deft... A low-key, rain-specked masterpiece." -- Ben Watson in The Wire

"I wonder why it´s taken a decade for anyone in the UK to take up the mantle of Negativland and John Oswald? This is art with a sense of humour." -- I-D Magazine

"A cut and paste rampage... dog gone fantastic!" -- Ben Wilmott in The NME

"For all the lessons of ironists, Dadaists and Postmodernists, only a select few seem willing to value laughs. People Like Us value them in spadefuls. Beware the Whim Reaper is a sampler´s and scanner´s Eldorado, with all manner of pop cultural sources plundered for effect: Radio shows and kitsch 60´s Easy Listening, found sounds, overheard conversations, all subjected to a malicious clown´s fiendish tinkering and manipulation of texture and tempo... Wild but wonderful." -- Paul Stump in The Wire