Ash International fyller 13 år 2006

Ash International presents a smörgåsbord of audio & visual performances.
Ash International [ ] celebrates its 13th anniversary in 2006. Founded by Mike Harding and Robin Rimbaud in 1993, the label was initially set up to release the early Scanner CDs (which were by far the best thing he ever did).

When Robin left to pursue his 'Scanner' project full time, Ash continue to develop into a unique acoustic adventure; 'The Hafler Trio Bootleg' was followed by 'Blind' and 'Runaway Train' on vinyl only [now available as a free download], Lem Tuggle's confessional in 'Breakout', and a series of double CDs in special packaging followed: 'mesmervariations', 'A Fault in the Nothing' and Disinformation's 'Antiphony'... each release had its own peculiar sound and vision. 'Santa Pod' contains the loudest sound ever produced on CD, and 'autodigest' the weirdest.

Disinformation, Bernd Friedmann, Hazard, S.E.T.I. and Carl Michael von Hausswolff all had releases put out by Ash in the 1990s to help build a very strong label roster. Ash is also the vehicle for the von Hausswolff-curated installation piece 'freq_out', and the von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren art project, 'The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland'.

The Ash International Sound System kicks off with Ash sounds mixed by web-designer Philip Marshall, and Mike Harding; new Ash acts Jana Winderenfrom Oslo, and Alvars Orkester from Göteborg, who have chosen this event to launch their new cd, 'Interference', old-stagers OCSID [Edvard Graham Lewis/Jean-Louis Huhta /CM von Hausswolff], and BJNilsen, who recorded for the label as 'Hazard', make up for what promises to be an enjoyable and intriguing event.

Arr: Ash International