Fylkingens flyttfest - torsdag

Program torsdag

An evening with live performances by Fylkingen members & friends ~

Entrance 40/80 SEK

sofftronic & Rayo
Rayo is a Stockholm based producer and DJ with a long background in Stockholm’s underground club scene. As of late Rayo has started to score music for performance art, as well as writing and performing music live.

Stockholm based sofftronic is an audio enthusiast, live artist and DJ with a penchant preference for sub bass, dynamics and contrasts. She is a resident at Malmö’s Retreat Radio with her monthly show FOIL.

Rayo’s + sofftronic's live collaboration is a combination of vocal procession, resampling and digital synthesis. Expect melodic chords mixed with hard hitting percussive sounds.

Malte Dahlberg & Theodor Kentros
Composers Malte Dahlberg & Theodor Kentros makes a special live remix of one of Åde Hodells concrete poetry pieces.

Hara Alonso
Hara Alonso is a pianist and sound designer. Coming from classical background she is currently working in the integration of new technologies in music through composition, performance, improvisation and multimedia.

Daniel M Karlsson
Daniel M Karlsson is a composer focused primarily on texture and timbre who works extensively with algorithmic composition and a marxist transhumanist singularitarian. Expect something close to ~

Towards a music for ensemble 20220430

Computer Music / Ensemble Music

Set times ~
19.30 Hara Alonso
20.45 Malte Dahlberg & Theodor Kentros
21.30 Daniel M Karlsson
22.15 sofftronic & Rayo
23.00 Hara Alonso closing set