Kalkatraz Presents: Dölös, Valdres, Gopher & Befläckad Balans


Kalkatraz Cassettes invites you to the release party of KTC023 Dölös - Dölös, celebrated with four live shows, one superb intermission dj and as always good prices on tapes!

What? 4x Live shows 1xDJ
When? Saturday 16th of September
Where? Fylkingen, T-Bana Mariatorget
How? 150kr. Card for door and bar, swish/cash for merch

Befläckad Balans

With Ween-esq vocal effects and a straightforward casio drumbeat Dölös is what you get if the revolution that wasn't supposed to be televised was in fact televised.

Reverb-drenched anti-shoegaze shifting between original songs and covers of zamrock classics, Valdres manages to do the whole guitar-bass-drums spiel but with synth-synth-drummachine instead.

Fostex-porta "meat and potatoes"-noise combined with a melancholy repetition of less threatening sounds Gopher is both in your face asking for spare change and far away helping an old lady cross the street.

/Befläckad Balans/
Manic kraut assuming the form of a somehow calmer free-improv Befläckad Balans is nothing short of a balancing act between staying up for 48 hours and getting a good nights sleep.

Member Production: Theodor Kentros