this is not a dance concert


Free entrance.

artists in focus:
Alys Longley, visiting from Aotearoa New Zealand
Dages Juvelier Keates
Leah Landau
Siriol Joyner

following the dance concert standard, Alys, Dages, Leah, and Siriol have been invited to work or else: to continue working in public. this in the attempt to create the conditions for an experiment to take place, an experiment organised according to the parameters set by the artists' work.



dance concerts are an homage to the 60s and the experimental atmosphere of the downtown new york art scene. this is the *imagined* experimental atmosphere, not necessarily the *historically correct* experimental atmosphere.
dance concerts feature and celebrate the work and working of artists, experimenters, and researchers whose work and working exemplifies or evidences what happens when art and artistic methodologies, employed purposefully and responsively/responsibly, determine the professional standard and define the means of the exchange between the work and its environment.


there is a theme to this event, which is unusual for dance concerts. which is why this concert is called This is Not a Dance Concert.
the theme for the evening is that range of experience within which a person’s already drawn something from somewhere (inspiration? motivation?) in order to transform that something into something else (communication?), but is yet to decide or is currently in the process of deciding whether to follow that transformation via the experiential pattern determined by “dancing", or the experiential pattern determined by “speaking".
(“dancing” and “speaking” are space-holders. alternative values: “choreography”, “writing”, etc. the range of values ought to remain within the referential field of artistic research. one ought to take experimental dance and choreography [nonverbal] as its logical extreme, the other writing and publishing [verbal].)

Member production: Scott Cazan