Siri Karlsson - premiere of Aurora Sirialis - VJ Jenny Forsgren


Doors 18.30

Concert 19.30 Aurora Sirialis - a new piece by Siri Karlsson with visuals by Jenny Forsgren

200 SEK, 180 Fylkingen members, 150 SEK students

On stage:
Siri Karlsson:
Maria Arnqvist & Cecilia Österholm

Yasmine El Baramawy - oud

Jenny Forsgren - live visuals
Anton Sundell - sound engineer

Aurora Sirialis is a new piece by Siri Karlsson that departs from the search and experience of Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis. In 2022 Siri Karlsson visited STF Abisko Tourist station and Aurora Sky Station, said to be one of the best places on earth to experience Northern Lights due to its unusual geographic location with an exceptionally high frequency of cloud-free nights. They visited the Swedish Institute of Space Physics outside Kiruna to learn about Northern Lights, infra sound and the JUICE expedition to the icy moons of Jupiter. They went down into the LKAB mine to get deeper into planet Earth. Thereafter Siri Karlsson started composing. The duo often works with imaginary images in their creation processes. This time the experience and images came first. The music has developed organically, allowing for associations of the experiences of the field trip. The work has extended over almost one year and has finally been arranged for a setting that was pre-determined.

Tack till/Thank You: Christopher Cully; Gabriella Stenberg-Weiser, Johan Kero, Urban Brändström, Martin Eriksson at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics; Peter Rosén & Lappland Media; Kiruna Stad och Kultursekreterare; Ellen Marit Labba; Konstnärsnämnden.
// The composition has been financed by the Swedish Arts Grant Committee.

Siri Karlsson
is a Swedish avant garde duo consisting of Maria Arnqvist and Cecilia Österholm. They have released six albums to date and have received several awards. Exploration is key, and they move through industrial and ambient noise, spacey prog and fusionist tribal rhythms, largely driven by synths, saxophones and the traditional Swedish instrument, keyed fiddle.

Yasmine El Baramawy
Yasmine is an Egyptian musician and composer and sound designer based in Malmö. El Baramawy studied Arabic music in the Arab Oud House in Cairo among others the Oud master Hazem Shaheen. She has created a distinctive style that combines the virtuosity of the oud - one of the world’s oldest instruments- with modified instruments and electronic experimentation.

Jenny Forsgren - Visual artist
Jenny Forsgren is an active VJ and artist in the audiovisual field with a focus on immersive spaces and multisensory experiences. Through installations and projection mapping, she investigates the interplay between materiality and digitality with a particular interest in bodies in motion. She is part of the artist collective 10% Human Collective based in Berlin and Stockholm.

Medlemsproduktion: Maria Arnqvist
Photo: Per Kristiansen, artwork Jenny Forsgren