HALLOW GROUND: Mattias Petersson & Elisabeth Klinck releases [concerts with Mattias Petersson, Elisabeth Klinck, David Granström & Mats Erlandsson]


The Swiss label HALLOW GROUND celebrates new releases by Mattias Petersson and Elisabeth Klinck, joined by label mates David Granström and Mats Erlandsson.

150SEK (Regular), 100SEK (Student, member, unemployed)

Mattias Petersson (SE)
The Stockholm-based Petersson, also known under the moniker Codespira1 and for his long-term collaboration with violinist George Kentros as There Are No More Four Seasons, has been active as a composer of computer music as well as an artist in the realms of live coding and modular synthesis for over two decades. Originally trained as a classical pianist, he also holds a diploma in electro-acoustic composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he currently works as an associate professor. Besides his activities as a musician and teacher, Petersson is pursuing a PhD in composition at the Luleå University of Technology. Researching modular systems comprising both human and non-human modules, he is part of the GEMM))) Gesture Embodiment and Machines in Music cluster.

Mattias Petersson debuts on the Swiss label Hallow Ground with »Triangular Progressions,« a suite in nine parts written entirely in the SuperCollider environment using additive synthesis. The starting point for the evocative piece is a magic number triangle that Petersson invented during his early composition studies and which has been an obsession of the artist for over twenty years, previously forming the foundation of many other of his works. By exploring the harmonic progressions found hiding within the triangle, »Triangular Progressions« at once emits a sense of introspective calm that fosters deep listening and evokes a whole spectrum of emotions, mediating between the abstract and the visceral.

Elisabeth Klinck (BE)
Elisabeth Klinck (1995) is a contemporary violinist, composer and performer based in Brussels, Belgium. With a background in electroacoustic composition and theatre she navigates through emotional landscapes using intimate sound textures and atmospheric tones. She studied at the Lemmensinstuut, The Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at Academy for Music & Drama in Gothenburg, where she acquired a masters in Orchestral Performance.

»Picture a Frame,« the debut album by the Belgian composer Elisabeth Klinck, was born out of strict isolation and is nonetheless a result of a collaborative process that saw her working closely with artist Oscar Claus. Enriching her compositions for violin with electronic soundscapes and field recordings from their surroundings, the two entered an artistic dialogue that took place inside its own idiosyncratic space outside of conventional time. It is an intimate record in which Klinck’s expressive playing that incorporates unconventional techniques forms the basis of something much bigger: an invitation to inhabit a specific space at a specific time together with the two of them.

David Granström (SE)
David Granström is a composer and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden. His sound work is characterized by harmonic simplicity and spatiotextural complexity, employing sounds of both synthetic and acoustic origin.

Part of Granström’s practice consists in researching new methods for working algorithmically with real-time sound synthesis and precision-tuned harmony, a work which is technically realized by employing tools that he develops in the SuperCollider programming environment and other general purpose programming languages. His compositional approach revolves around creating systems that generate musical material and integrating the results with electric guitar and other physical sound sources.

For this concert he will present new works for electric guitar and electronics.

Mats Erlandsson (SE)
As a composer, musician and sound artist, Mats Erlandsson is part of the vibrantly reemerging field of drone music in Stockholm, Sweden, and is associated with practices characterized by the extensive use of sustained sound. Erlandsson presents his work both as a solo artist and in collaborations, most notably together with Yair Elazar Glotman and Maria W Horn.

Recent releases include Minnesmärke on Hallow Ground, the collaboration Emmanate made with Yair Elazar Glotman on 130701, Fältinspelningar från Terres de l'Ebre made with Maria W Horn on XKatedral, Hypodermic Letters on Portals Editions and 4-track guitar music on XKatedral. Erlandsson has performed his work extensively at various festivals and music and arts venues around the world.

Erlandsson has undergone studies in composition in Stockholm, where he received a Master’s degree in Composition of Electronic Music. In addition to his own artistic practice, Erlandsson holds a position as studio technician at the world-renowned Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm and has frequently presented electroacoustic music and new music from Sweden in concert.

Laurin Huber (CH, Hallow Ground)
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Medlemsproduktion: Mattias Petersson