Kulturnatten at Fylkingen - with Torbjörn Bellind, Edy Fung, Johnny Heartbreaker & Heidi Edström


Welcome to the annual Kulturnatten - the annual evening in several Swedish cities when the whole city is filled with culture, such as night-time public libraries, author readings, open houses at the city theater and more. Fylkingen opens up for experimental electronic excursions with modular synthesis, playful noise-industrial techno, field recordings and performance works. Free entrance!

18:30 - 19:30 — Performance Heidi Edström

20:00 - 20:45 — Edy Fung

21:30 - 22:00 — Torbjörn Bellind

22:30 - 23:00 — Johnny Heartbreaker

Heidi Edström (b. 1990 Luleå) is a Stockholm-based artist whose work grows from the idea of a lump; a kind of abnormal muse that has been chafing in the back of her head for the past thirteen years. The lump is the irregularity that disrupts our comfortable dreams of predictability and perfection. It is a reminder of everything we cannot control, such as mistakes and accidents, illness and death. It's a piece of gum stuck under your chair, an undetected tumor, or a large looming asteroid that could collide with Earth at any moment.

Heidi works with a wide range of different mediums, such as performance, sculpture, text, photography and video, which she likes to mix with light, sound and found objects to create larger installations that play with the space or the character of the place itself. Her focus is on creating distorted moods, which take the viewer into an uncertain borderland between the recognizable and a distorted reality, which approaches the unpleasantly grotesque. Through her work, Heidi wants to break down the barriers between hope and fear, the sickly and the healthy, the inside and the outside, the disgusting and the beautiful, the small and the big.


Edy Fung is an intermedia and sound artist who makes noise that reflects on our relationship with technology, and as an exploration to reveal information, symbols and meaning. Her electroacoustic project Quantum Foam takes sonic frequencies beyond their ontological origin and spacetime by using field recordings sampled, stretched and morphed into drone, ambient and techno. Her solo music performance includes Monument (2022), IMMA x Dublin Digital Radio (2022), Fylkingen (2022), Amazonia Mapping Festival (2021), FACT Liverpool (2021), Static Trading (2021), MUTEK Festival ES+AR (2021), RHA Dublin (2021), and Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Derry (2020); her sonic works were showcased at Somerset House Studios, London (2020), and Videotage, Hong Kong (2020).

Composing and improvising on analogue electronics form the foundation of Torbjörn Bellind's output. The modular synthesizer is his main instrument, focusing on drones, pulses, feedback patching and the timbral aspects of electricity itself.


The Quietus writes about Johnny Heartbreaker och debut albumet Cult Aesthetics: "The name is some kind of playful misdirection because the music here is an enigmatic noise-industrial-techno foundling... Cult Aesthetics doesn’t abandon the beat, but it rarely rides one for fun... Guaranteed crowd-displeaser."

Music | Johnny Heartbreaker (bandcamp.com)