FRIM på Fylkingen #45 - Hej Johannes, Caktus, Rudi Mahall/Olaf Rupp/Kasper Tom


100/80 (Medlem)
19.30 doors
20.00 concert

Caktus: Maria Dybbroe – alto saxophone
Zeki Jindyl– alto saxophone
Thorbjørn Kaas – cello, bass
Frederik Hagner – bass
Tobias Andreassen – drums
Rudi Mahall/Olaf Rupp/Kasper Tom
Rudi Mahall – clarinet, bass clarinet
Olaf Rupp – electric guitar
Kasper Tom - drums
Hej Johannes
Johannes Gammelgaard Lauritsen - tenor sax and recorder
Johannes Berg - drums, walkie talkies

The next installment of FRIM på Fylkingen will give a special spotlight to the Danish experimental jazz scene. Caktus, a double trio of sorts from Aarhus (they’re composed of two saxes, two bases and drums) express lyrical, through-composed magic with sparkling interactions. They will be supporting a new record that will be released this May on Barefoot Records. The legendary Rudi Mahall, Olaf Rupp and Kasper Tom join forces to bring a seasoned trio of depth to Stockholm. We highly recommend their record from 2019 also on Barefoot Records. Hej Johannes, an Aarhus/Stockholm duo, composed of saxophonist Johannes Gammelgaard Lauritsen and drummer Johannes Berg offer lush and saturated melodies that breathe deeply between the two musicians. This is a FRIM night not to be missed!

Under the Sun: One "of Denmark’s most interesting late summer album releases" (...) "Pleasantly breathtaking and gloriously unruly compositions" (...) "The double basses saunter heavily and squirm dissonantly at the same time. And the saxophones alternate between following each other, finger-intertwining and harmonious, to screamingly running away from each other.” (Louise Rosengreen, Information, 11/9-20)
Caktus' music is between the fragile and the strong - the beautiful and the violent - chamber music and grooves. It is the acoustic sound that is in focus, and the desire to experiment and improvise in and out of what are otherwise tight compositions. Caktus is close to being a double trio, with two basses and two saxes, and with this harmony and mirroring it is obvious that themes are also mirrored, turned, twisted and challenged. The group was formed in Aarhus in 2017, and since then has played more than 40 concerts around the Nordic region. The debut release 'Under the Sun' got many praises along the way, including a Steppeulv's nomination as 'Composer of the Year', a nomination for 'Album of the Year' at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2021, and a place on both Passive/Aggressive's and Dagbladet Information's annual list of the 20 best Danish releases in 2020. Now they are ready with a new release. In May 2023 their second album 'Flickering' will be released on Barefoot Records.

Rudi Mahall is a legendary figure on the international jazz/avantgarde scene. As a member of Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra, Monk's Casino and Die Enttäusshung he has gained a reputation as one the great European improvisors and a unique communicator on the bass clarinet.
Olaf Rupp plays the guitar like no one else. His very personal style of playing mixing complex extended techniques with a strong melodic sense and his great command of the guitar, makes him a strong musical voice and a perfect partner to Mahall.
Over the past decade, Kasper Tom has made his name on the European improv- and avantgarde-scene. Kasper's playing draws inspiration from modern music, but is also imbued with a great deal of tradition and a unique sense of melody and flow.
The three improvisers join forces on the Barefoot Records release ”Rudi Mahall Olaf Rupp Kasper Tom”

Hej Johannes
Debut album of the Danish improv duo that has existed since 2014. Consisting of shorter pieces and featuring both free improvisations and melodies by the two group members, the album gives a varied and nuanced impression of the duo's musical vision.

Production: FRIM