[Please note that this event unfortunately is cancelled.]

Welcome to the release of Erik Enocksson and Kristofer Flensmarck’s new collaborative work, “Signal”, at Fylkingen, Stockholm. Featuring performances by Klara Lewis, Erik Enocksson & Kristofer Flensmarck as well as select music by Lisa Stenberg (DJ).

19.00 Doors
19.10 David Zimmerman's "Roma" pt. 1
20.00 Klara Lewis (LIVE)
21.00 Erik Enocksson & Kristofer Flensmarck (LIVE)
23.30 David Zimmerman's "Roma" pt. 2


The “Signal” LP (as well as other recent IRRLICHT merch) will be available at the event.

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MAL 022; “Signal”, Erik Enocksson and Kristofer Flensmarck's new collaborative work is an electroacoustic composition for voice and electronics – a contemporary echo of late twentieth-century avant-garde text-sound compositions – methodically burrowing its way deeper into a seemingly mundane existence, through alphabetical sequence, all the while revealing its inherent mystery:

All förlust / all ilska / all meningslöshet / all skönhet
All natur / all rädsla / all skit / all stillhet / all tid

Transmissions of a fragmented existential narrative, slowly torn apart by violent waves of static and feedback – together Enocksson and Flensmarck create earthshaking drone poetry.
“Signal” will be released in collaboration with Anti editör on the 12th of May, 2023.

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KRISTOFER FLENSMARCK made his debut in 2005 and has since published twelve books, mainly poetry but also novels. Flensmarck often works with found poetry and sampling, or what he himself calls "documentary poetry"; e.g. Almanacka (Natur & Kultur) which consists of excerpts from his grandmother's calendar and FPS (Irrlicht) which is based on notes from Charles Manson and the Columbine killers, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold. The poetry book "Signal" (containing the raw material for this collaborative piece) was published by Anti editör in 2021.

ERIK ENOCKSSON is a Swedish composer whose works – often carried forth by minimal instrumentation and dressed in sparse arrangements – move seamlessly between distinct melodies and suggestive, resonant moodscapes. Since his debut (Farväl Falkenberg, 2007) he has released a number of critically acclaimed albums (e.g. Man tänker sitt, Apan, etc.) on prestigious underground record labels and is considered one of the most interesting and progressive contemporary composers in Swedish film.

IRRLICHT is a Stockholm-based publishing house that since its inception in 2010 operates at the intersection of text, sound and image. Through the various releases of the last decade a pattern has slowly emerged; the cross-fertilisation of different artistic disciplines, where works are (re-)interpreted and inevitably transformed in the transfer from one aesthetic field to another as the inherent limitations of the various expressions necessarily force previously hidden dimensions to the surface – in an act of transmutation.

Photos: Henrik Mårtensson Almegård

Production: IRRLICHT