The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble & Brytpunkt 2


The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble is back in concert with new music! This time with a special guest, the electro-acoustic duo - Brytpunt 2.

Doors: 19.30, Concert: 20.00.
Admission 160SEK, student/member 100SEK.

The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble was formed in 2021 in the wake of the Aleatoric Hymn Project (see for more information).
for more info).

The ensemble explores aleatoric processes, improvisation and graphic notation. The CD "Aleatoric Anthems and Palindromes" with music composed by Lars Bröndum was performed by the Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble and was awarded best experimental album by SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter) at the Manifestgala 2022. Lars Bröndum is also current with the release of the latest album "The Wall of Darkness" which is released digitally on bandcamp and all streaming platforms.
Special guest: Brytpunkt 2: Anders Sjölin: Live electronics & Lars Bröndum: Live electronics. The duo works with improvised live electronics and has played around Sweden.

The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble:
Lars Bröndum: live electronics and theremin,
My Eklund: recorders and electronics,
Per Gärdin: saxophones
Daniel Borgegård Älgå : clarinets and flute

Brytpunkt 2:
Anders Sjölin: live-electronics
Lars Bröndum: live-electronics

The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble:

Brytpunkt 2:

Lars Bröndum: