MATERIAL NARRATIVES - by Hara Alonso, Irene Cantero and Karin Bjurström


Ticket: 100/80 (members, students) SEK
Schedule: 18-21hrs (feel free to come in and out quietly during the performance)

Material Narratives is a sound-dance sculpture-installation. Following the priciples of contemplation, simplicity and suspension, the piece evolves quietly 3 hours between the tangible and intangible, the hidden and the explicit.

The audience enters a space of stillness inspired by the essay “In praise of shadows” by Junichiro Tanizaki. This text describes the traditional Japanese aesthetics, the enigma of shadows, the subtle and subdued forms and the attitude of appreciation and mindfulness.

This work is a collaboration between Hara Alonso, sound composition, Irene Cantero, dance and light design and Karin Bjurström, costume designer.

With the support of Kulturrådet and Viriditas Foundation.
Member Production: Hara Alonso