petscii, befriendings & eyetimes




KYBDslöjd, komp-i-sitioner, ear candy and worldmaking, expect exquisite visual and sounding art exclusively for your eyes and ears. Exciting events on stage and a chill Friday bar with Jonte at the wheel. On stage, composers/musicians: Kajsa Magnarson and Marta Forsberg, petscii liveart from Raquel Meyers, Annie Tådne with new audiovisual and Sound Quartet ft Bjelkeborn, Pignon, Lindal, Moenne-Loccoz and Meyers.

Kompisitioner is a joyful collection of short compositions by Kajsa Magnarsson and Marta Forsberg. Friendship and physical distance are the fuel when short sentences and words was sent between Stockholm and Berlin to be processed and transformed into small magical works in the sound art genre.

Raquel Meyers is a multidisciplinary artist who defines her practice as expanded typewriting KYBD craft using obsolete technologies such as text TV, typewriter, fax and PETSCII (ASCII Commodore 64). She materializes text characters and keystrokes beyond the screen in an artistic paradigm that reflects and provokes our present. KYBDslöjd is character-based art, a kind of pixel art where what is obsolete and limited is resurrected as expressive graphics and animation often in real time before the audience's eyes. Raquel Meyer's work has been shown at art centres, galleries and festivals such as Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Xpo Gallery, La Casa ignited, Liste Art Fair Basel, La Gaîté lyrique, Tokyo Blip Festival, Square Sounds Melbourne, BilbaoArte, LABoral, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, iMAL, VISION'R, Mapping, Piksel, Shibuya Pixel Art, LEV, MFRU, HeK, ETOPIA, Eufònic Urbà...

Kajsa Magnarsson makes playful music and sound art that reflects on contemporary life, often on the borderline between humour and seriousness or reality and fiction. Kajsa likes to collaborate with other artists and art forms, where each project is an opportunity to develop both artistically and aesthetically.
Marta Forsberg creates installation art and electronic music. Her practice also spans composition for ensembles, music for dance, sound installations, and participation in various artistic research projects. Forsberg's work is often performed at festivals and concerts around the world and in Sweden.
Annie Tådne
Eva Lindal
Sound Quartet

This event is organised by Sound Quartet and Triptychos in collaboration with Lamour records, subsidised by The Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd).
Tickets: 150kr Regular, 100kr Student/unemployed/member