Mia Zabelka/Lawrence Casserley/Yoko Miura + Lars Bröndum/Per Gärdin


Mia Zabelka/Lawrence Casserley/Yoko Miura + Lars Bröndum/Per Gärdin
Dörrar öppnas 18.30, konsert 19.00.
Inträde 150:- ord / 80 :- student & pensionär

Mia Zabelka: violin, electronics

Austrian violinist, vocalist and composer Mia Zabelka is at the forefront of international electro-acoustic performance art. She developed her unique musical language in a process she calls
“automatic playing”, where the music grows out of her physical movement and finds its expression in her electric violin with electronic devices, alien objects, vocals, and/or acoustic violin.
Using this set up she is given the opportunity to expand the sound range so extensively that the violin itself becomes an interface, an electronic sound generator and thus a sound machine.
Mia Zabelka is continuously exploring sound and music as physical phenomena, always pushing back the boundaries in experimental performances and compositions that question established notions, improving the available techniques and given structures. The violin and her own voice and body are transformed in the process into sound bodies which are at once organic and primal, screaming, lyrical, composed and explosive. Mia Zabelka is currently the artistic director of Phonofemme Festival Vienna and Klanghaus Untergreith in the region of South Styria.

Lawrence Casserley: signal processing instrument


Lawrence Casserley (born UK, 1941) has devoted his professional career, as composer, conductor and performer, to real time electroacoustic music. In 1967 he became one of the first students of
Electronic Music at the Royal College of Music, London, UK, on the new course taught by Tristram Cary. Later he became Professor-in-Charge of Studios and Adviser for Electroacoustic Music at the RCM, before taking early retirement in 1995. He is best known for his work in free improvised music, particularly real-time processing of other musicians' sound, and he has devised a special computer processing instrument for this. He has worked with many of the finest improvisers, particularly Evan Parker, with whom he works frequently as a duo partner, in various larger groupings and in the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. He also works as a soloist,
processing sounds from voice, percussion and home-made instruments. CDs have been released by ECM, Konnex, Leo Records, Psi, Sargasso and Touch. Much of Casserley's work has involved collaboration with other art forms, including poets, eg Bob Cobbing, and visual artists, including
Colourscape artist Peter Jones. He is a Director of the Colourscape Music Festivals, presenting contemporary music in the unique environment of the Colourscape walk-in sculpture. He also collaborates with Peter Jones on sound/light installations. Casserley's "instrumental" approach to live computer sound processing is the hallmark of his work; the Signal Processing Instrument allows him to use physical gestures to control the processing and to direct the morphology of the sounds. This is the culmination of forty years of experience in the performance of live electronic work; his earliest live electronic pieces were performed in 1969, and he has performed many of the live electronic "classics" of the 20th century; he has also collaborated with other composers to realise their electronic performance ideas. He is noted for the breadth and variety of his collaborations, which cross styles and generations.

Yoko Miura: piano


Born in Tokyo, Japan. Took classical piano lessons between the ages of 5 and 18. Having heard and been inspired by Jazz, Classical music. (for example, the music of Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy、Toru Takemitsu, Masahiko Togashi), took classes taught by Masahiko Sato, Takashi Kako and attended a workshop by Takehisa Kosugi. Later took lessons from Yoshio Suzuki.took class by Naruyoshi Kikuchi at Eiga Bigakko. I think it’s like we’re traveling on parallel paths to a destination. We communicate with each other by feeling and instinct. Personally, I take in sounds not as musical notes or chords, just as energy or vibration. I put several tones into our musical field and watch the chemical reaction. It’d be a kind of adventure. I always try to open a window so that we can reach a new world. The musicians who I‘ve played with: In Japan Noribumi Uchida (shamisen, bass),Kanji Nakao (sax, trombone, clarinet), Junzo Tateiwa( drums& percussions) Kyoko Oikawa (violin) , Ryouichi Saito (guitar),Michi Kinugasa (sax, clarinet) In Europe Teppo Hauta-Aho(bass) Gianni Mimmo (,sax), John Russell(guitar),
Lawrence Cassery(electro) Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg(voice), Mia Zabelka (violin), Stefan Keune (sax), Charlie Collins (drs), Derek Saw (trumpet), Ove Volquarlz(bass clarinet), Jean Demey( bass), Jacque Foschia (bass-clarinet), Hans Koch (sax,),Emmanuel Rébus (mathematical sounds), Harold Schellinx (mathematical sounds) , Claude Perle (accordion), Judith Kan(vocal), Anthony Carcone (guitar),Jean Borde(bass), Raymod MacDonald(sax), Simon Berz(drs), Paed Conca (bass, Clarinet) Margrit Rieben (drs), Raed Yassin( el.bass), Eugene Darredeau (art), Alison Blunt (violin), Jean Marc (sythm) Thierry Waziniak (drs)

Lars Bröndum: modular synthesizers, Buchla music easel, theremin

Lars Bröndum (photo C. Marx)
Lars Bröndum, PhD, is a composer, performer of live-electronics, theorist and guitarist. His music has been performed in around the world. His music often explores the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments and lives on the border between notated music and improvisation. The compositions are structured around cyclical processes, irregular ostinatos, fragmented gestures and microtonal clusters. Lars performs live using an analog modular system, a Theremin, effect pedals and sometimes a laptop with Max/MSP. Other projects that he is involved in are the Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble and the Bröndum & Gärdin Duo. Bröndum is the founder of the independent record label Antennae Media. His’ cds “Fallout”, ”Phaethon” and ”Aleatoric Anthems and Palindromes” has been awarded best independent Experimental Music by SOM (Swedish Independent Music producers). In 1992 Bröndum finished his PhD in Composition & Theory at the University of Pittsburgh. The dissertation is entitled “Formations for Chamber Orchestra” and “An Analytical Study of Voice Leading and Pitch Class Set Structure in György Ligeti’s Kammerkonzert Für 13 Instrumentalisten”. “Formations for Chamber Orchestra” is an original composition and the analytical part proposes a model for analyzing cluster music by combining set theory and linear analysis. Lars also has a Masters in Music in Composition and Music Theory (1989) and a Bachelors of Music degree in Guitar Performance (1987) from the Dana School of Music at the Youngstown State University. Lars is currently a professor in Music at Skövde University. More info here: antennaemedia.se

Per Gärdin: Alt/sopransaxofon

Per Gärdin (photo C. Marx)
Per Gärdin is a saxophonist with a long career in mostly improvisational music. He recently released the CD Oblique (trio) by Per Gärdin, Travassos, Marco Franco (ibnmusik 004). Per is originally selftaught, later studied saxophone and music theory for Lennart Jansson. Also studied Musicology, Ethnology, Philosophy and History of Ideas at Stockholm University. Collaborations with Thomas Sjöland at EMS, the electronic music studio in Stockholm 1979-1982, combining Buchla synthesizer with wind instruments. Worked in different studio jazz/impro sessions in duo/trio/quartet settings in the mid to late 80s. From the 90s and onwards mostly small temporary groups and solo saxophone improvisations and recordings. Played at concerts and festivals in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Germany among other places. 2009-2010 a member of Total Vibration (including among others Markus Breuss and Tsukiko Amakawa), a group based in Spain concentrating on playing mainly Don Cherry-compositions, touring Andalusia in 2009 and playing at a festival in Huesca 2010. Also played at Hurta Cordel Festival in Madrid 2012 with an off-shoot project as Amakawa-Gärdin-Shalev. 2013-2014 playing and recording in Portugal with The Red Trio and other members of the Lisbon scene (octet). Concert recording from Lisbon's St George's church with Rodrigo Pinheiro and Pedro Lopes released as "History of the Lisbon chaplaincy" in 2017. 2014 a new recording session in Lisbon with Rodrigo Pinheiro, Marco Franco and Travassos documented in the release of "Oblique Mirrors" in 2015 and "Oblique (trio)" in 2018. He has also played in different constellations with among others Tsukiko Amakawa , Andreas Axelsson, Bengt Berger , Johannes Bergmark , Markus Breuss , Lars Bröndum , Todd Capp , Javier Carmona , Harris Eisenstadt , Marco Franco , Jörgen Adolfsson, Niklas Korssell, Sven Larsson , Pedro Lopes , RED trio ( Rodrigo Pinheiro , Hernani Faustino , Gabriel Ferrandini), Gino Robair , Adam Rudolph , John Russell , Mark Sanders , Sara Schoenbeck, David Stackenäs, Ricardo Tejero , Travassos , Simone Weissenfels, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells . More info here: http://www.ibnmusik.n.nu /

Lars Bröndum & Per Gärdin duo has released three albums, ”Adhara”, "The Tail of the Snake” och ”A Matter of Time” and has performed in Berlin, Uppsala & Stockholm. More info: https://pergrdin.bandcamp.com/ and http://antennaemedia.se/Home/Brondum_Gardin.html

Medlemsproduktion: Lars Bröndum