AI in Music and Beyond


The Raft Breaks (2019), by Sam Salem
a performance by Niklas Dahlqvist (2022)
Performing Utopia (2021), by alien productions (featuring Loré Lixenberg ( and Joris Grouwels)

A night of music and art related to artificial intelligence in association with the MUSAiC Project and conference.

MUSAiC Project:

Three days of lectures and concerts devoted to the themes of the [MUSAiC Project]( and beyond!

- How can one judge applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to music and art along dimensions of utility, economics, and ethics?
- How do creative AI systems affect the use and worth of music and art in particular contexts? When is their involvement perceived as problematic?
- How can ethical considerations be folded into the engineering and application of these kinds of systems? Should there be “laws of AI” that make explicit the responsibility of the AI technologist to the domains where the technology is to be applied?
- What creative possibilities are hindered or facilitated by the “flaws” of an AI system’s knowledge of music and art?
- Where are music and art headed as a result of these creative machines?

Sam Salem creates audiovisual works for performers, electronics and video, which challenge traditional notions of concert presentation and instrumental virtuosity.

Niklas Dahqvist is a composer currently studying Electroacoustic composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. His work focuses on neural networks, both in form of neural synthesis, and symbolical generation as notation and graphic scores, along with more traditional algorithmic composition.

alien productions was founded 1997 by media artists Andrea SODOMKA (A), Martin BREINDL (A), Norbert MATH (I) and August BLACK (USA) as a network for working on the theory and practice of new technologies and media. Since 1985 all four artists have transcended boundaries with their technological art – as a group or as individuals, and often in collaboration with other artists. Their work includes intermedia performances and installations, electronic music, web art, radio art, sound art, interactive art, video, the visual arts and artistic photography.

**alien productions** stands especially for cooperative projects with other artists, technicians, theorists and scientists. **alien productions** is not a group of artists in a classic sense, but an open network of creative power, where specialists of different provenance work in an interdisciplinary way. **alien productions** makes public appearances in changing constellations.

150 SEK / 100 SEK (students, unemployed, Fylkingen members)

This event is organized by Bob L. T. Sturm (KTH) in collaboration with Fylkingen and KMH.
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