Fylkingen gästas av tonsättaren Flo Menezes från Brasilien. Han framför sitt episka
“Ciclo das Errâncias" [“Errands Cycle”], ett drygt 50 minuter långt EAM-verk för 8

Inträde: 120 kr / Stud och Fylkingen-medlemmar 80 kr
Endast kortbetalning i entrén och baren.

Medlemsproduktion: Jens Hedman

Flo Menezes (São Paulo, 1962)
Considered internationally as one of the most representative composers and
theoreticians of his generation, he graduated in composition at USP (1985), having
been a student of Willy Corrêa de Oliveira and Gilberto Mendes. With a German DAAD
scholarship, he earned a master's degree in Electronic Composition (1989) at the
Studio für elektronische Musik in Cologne, Germany, as a student of Hans Humpert
(Herbert Eimert's successor). He earned his doctorate in Belgium (1992) with an
award-winning thesis on the work of L. Berio, and postdoctoral studies at several
European and North American institutions: IRCAM (Paris), Paul Sacher Stiftung
(Switzerland), Centro di Sonologia Computazionale (Italy), University of San Diego
(USA), among others. He became the first Full Professor in Brazil in the area of
electroacoustic composition (Unesp, 1997) and, in 2011, one of the youngest Full
Professors in the history of Unesp. His PhD, internationally awarded, was oriented by
the great composer Henri Pousseur, in Belgium.
In Europe, besides his apprenticeship with Pousseur, he was a student of Pierre Boulez
(1988), Luciano Berio (1989), Brian Ferneyhough (1995) and Karlheinz Stockhausen
(1998), of whom he became Pedagogical Assistant in Germany (in 1999 and 2001). As a
composer, he was awarded the main international and national awards for
composition: Unesco (1989), TRIMALCA (1993), Ars Electronica (1995), Fondation
Royaumont (1995), Luigi Russolo (1996), IRCAM (1997), Sergio Motta Prize (2002),
Bolsa Vitae de Artes (2003), Giga-Hertz (2007), IberMúsicas (2014), Concerto Prize
He has performed as Guest Composer in several institutions of international
relevance: IRCAM of Paris, Experimentalstudio des SWR of Freiburg, Centro di
Sonologia Computazionale of Padua, CMMAS of Morelia (Mexico), Paul Sacher Stiftung
of Basel (Switzerland) etc.
His music has been performed by important ensembles and orchestras of the world:
Tonhalle Orchester of Zurich, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain (Lyon), Seattle

Symphony Orchestra, OSESP, Orquestra Municipal de São Paulo, OJESP, Orquestra
Experimental de Repertório (SP), Ensemble Recherche (Freiburg), Ictus (Brussels),
New Century Players (Los Angeles), SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart, London Sinfonietta,
Arditti String Quartett, Contrechamps (Switzerland), Contemporary Music Players
(Stony Brook, NY), Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Collegium Novum (Zurich), Neue
Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Camerata Aberta (São Paulo) etc.
He is the author of about 100 works and 15 books, 3 of which published in Europe. He
is Founder and Artistic Director of the Studio PANaroma of Electroacoustic Music at
Unesp, the main center of production and research in electroacoustic music in Latin
America, and of PUTS (PANaroma/Unesp - Teatro Sonoro), Unesp's loudspeaker
orchestra, one of the main technological devices of electroacoustic music in the
Flo Menezes was Visiting Professor at the University of Cologne, Germany, lectured,
gave concerts and was Resident Composer at several other major universities: Harvard
University, Columbia in NY, CCRMA at Stanford University, UCSD in San Diego, Sorbonne
in Paris, etc.
Flo Menezes is Professor of Composition at Unesp.


“Ciclo das Errâncias" [“Errands Cycle”] (2016-2020) = originally for 16 channels,
at Fylkingen an 8 channel version = 50’57”794ms

Acousmatic piece in 3 parts

1 - Fond d’erreurs (January/April 2016) = 20’26”

13” pause [at 20’26”958ms]

[at 20’39”958ms]
2 - Omnia loca resonabant (May 2020) = 13’23”

13” pause [at 34’02”958ms]

[at 34’15”958ms]
3 - Hymnus – il cielo andrà verso il fondo (January 2020) = 16’41”