The Insub Meta Orchestra featuring Magnus Granberg & Skogen Ensemble


Entrance: 150 SEK / 100 SEK (students, unemployed, Fylkingen members)
Tickets purchased at the door, card payments only.

A collaboration between the group INSUB META ORCHESTRA from Switzerland and members of the Swedish group SKOGEN, led by Magnus Granberg.
The music moves in the borderland between improvised and composed new music.

The Insub Meta orchestra (IMO) is a large ensemble gathered around the experimental and electroacoustic practice.It was founded in 2010 by the Cyril Bondi and d’incise duo. It consists of about fifty permanent members that form the thirty international musicians present at each concert. Born from questionings on improvisation in a large group, the IMO built with time a strong collective and typical background where the individual gesture get lost in the production of global sonic states. Thus subtle matters emerge and interact with silence. The notions of improvisation or composition become confused in a constant research of a specific development in the context of this orchestra. Its axes are the place of silence, an electroacoustic and extensive listening, the work on durations, the mimetism, low volumes, non-hiérarchical relations, the circulation of informations.

Skogen is an ensemble working at an intersection between contemporary chamber music and improvisation where impressions and experiences, methods and materials from seemingly different musical practices discreetly transforms into something new and different.

The specific dynamic which arises where composition and improvisation intersect and individual and collective processes are negotiated, produces a coherent music in which the multiplicity of methods and source materials are gently transcended.--

A Fylkingen co-production with FRIM