Tickets, 200 SEK (helpris) / 150 (medlemmer, students, etc)

Tenniscoats are one of the real treasures of Japan’s independent music scene. Consisting of the core duo of Saya (vocals, keyboards, etc) and Takashi Ueno (guitar, reeds, vocals, etc), they are voracious and inspired collaborators, easily working across genres from straight to the heart pop melodicism to a variety of more experimental approaches.

One of their standout collaborations was with the Swedish trio Tape (Johan Berthling, Andreas Berthling, Tomas Hallonsten) that produced the flawless recordings Tan Tan Therapy (2007) and Papa’s Ear (2012) for Häpna. Now ten years later, they return to Sweden for two rare concerts: at Utmarksmusiken Festival in Northern Värmland (organised by Johan Berthling) and here at Fylkingen in Stockholm.

Medlemsproduktion: John Chantler