Maggie Nicols Creative Liberation Orhestra


Doors 19:30
Start 20:00
Tickets: 100 / 80 (members)

(OBS! Unfortunately, Maggie Nicols won’t be able to come to Stockholm and perform live on site, but she’ll be present via video link, see more info under line-up)

FRIM (Föreningen för fri improviserad musik) proudly presents a concert with Maggie Nicols Creative Liberation Orchestra. The concert is the outcome of two workshop-days during which Nicols has worked with a new 14-piece ensemble. The live event will include both 11 musicians performing on site at Fylkingen, and 3 musicians (including Nicols) being projected at Fylkingen via video link.

Live at Fylkingen
Henrik Olsson (percussion/objects)
Nina de Heney (bass)
Karin Johansson (piano/accordion)
Marta Forsberg (violin, op1 synth)
Lisa Ullén (piano)
Christer Bothén (bass clarinet)
Herman Müntzing (electronics)
Susanna Risberg (electric guitar)
Josefin Runsteen (violin, percussion)
Nicki Coccoli (alto sax)
Faradena Afifi (viola)

Live via Video link
Maggie Nicols (voice)
Francine Luce (voice)
Alison Blunt (violin, voice)

The Maggie Nicols Creative Liberation Orchestra project is presented with support from Musikverket.

Samproduktion: FRIM och Fylkingen