Sound in Spaces

Sidén Hedman duo

Grafic scored concert and workshop Fylkingen 8/12-2021 kl. 19.30 Entré 120:- stud/pensionär 80:-
Sidén Hedman duo
Samt verk av John Cage, C-H Stockhausen och Cornelius Cardew
Eva Sidén, piano, preparerat piano och elektronik, ljudobjekt.
Jens Hedman elektronik, ljudobjekt
Since 2010, the composer, concert pianist and sound artist Eva Sidén has been making music together with the sound artist and composer Jens
Hedman as Sidén Hedman duo. In their works, they combine piano instruments with electronic sounds and recorded sounds aswell as with lights,
video and other elements in multimediaconcerts.
They also make concerts with works from other composers, then with Eva as a soloist.
An important part in the duos works is musical performances and installations that relate to social, philosophical, existential and political questions.
The mix of visuals and sound recordings from special environments with recorded and processed sounds from the piano as well as sounds that occur
in live performance creates enchanting contrasts and new harmonies. Sidén Hedman duos later works originate in a strive for a spiritual contact in
the music and a silence in the listening, which the duo wants to give the audience an increased inner presence and communication with the music's
deeper expression and meaning.

Medlemsproduktion: Eva Sidén och Jens Hedman