Depth, darkness and the conspicuous

Bjelkeborn 211112

Olof David Åhlén, IAKDS, Ida Lundén, Slim Vic, AKB, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz and more

The growing November darkness echoes in their every step, going with the flow these artists ride the endless drops of rain, they side with the eternal howling winds, they blend with the ever-changing autumn tones, never resting, onwards, with newly released electronic sounds, ambient songs, electroacoustic chambermusic, spectacular visuals, all in all artworks for an elusive, exciting and soothing audiovisual late autumn Sunday afternoon.

Olof David Åhlén
AKB ft. visuals by Annie Tådne
Sound Quartet, Ida Lundén, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz, Paul Pignon and Thomas Bjelkeborn
Slim Vic
Stagesetting ft. visuals by IAKDS and Tove Nowén.
In the bar DJ Bjellra

100sek regular, 50sek students, only card or swish, no cash in the bar or entrance.

This concert is part of the concertseries Fridays PUSH and is curated by Thomas Bjelkeborn in co-op with Sound Quartet, Triptychos and Lamour Records.
Fridays PUSH was supported by Stockholm Culture and Swedish performing arts agency 2018/2019.

Medlemsproduktion: Thomas Bjelkeborn