Ride the Waves


A workshop on the Ondes Martenot given by Nadia Ratsimandresy.

For composers and composer/peformers who would like to know more about this instrument
The workshop will take place at Fylkingen (https://fylkingen.se/) on 25th Oct
• Hands-on demonstrations.
• A modest fee for the workshop.
• One may also participate as an observer only, for an even more modest fee.
• The timetable will be set once the number of participants has been established.
Ratsimandresy is one of the formost performers and teachers on this instrument, visit http://www.nadiaratsimandresy.com/biography/ for mor information.
On 27th Oct she will be performing in Agendum 5 of The Pignon Agenda at Fylkingen, https://fylkingen.se/node/2873

To apply, please contact Paul Pignon, paulspignon@gmail.com, 0729311141