FYLP 1039 - "Text-sound compositions 8"

During the years from 1968-70, Fylkingen Records released series of 7 LPs in collaboration with the Swedish Radio, all of which contained material that was presented during the yearly festivals for Text-Sound Composition that Fylkingen arranged during those three years. The yearly festivals continued from 1971-74. A series of records that documented these festivals was planned but, due to economic reasons at that time, they were never made. Fylkingen Records has now, over 40 years later, found the material that was presented at these festivals and continues the series with vol. 8-11 - one record for each year´s festival during the years 1971-74.

Bengt Emil Johnson - 1/1971: under publikens jubel (7.29)

Gust Gils - Making Out In Windy Stockholm (14.58)

Herman Damen - Magic (3.45)

Bob Cobbing - Trilogy Three (14.30)

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