Lars Åkerlund/Zbigniew Karkowski
FYLP 1037 - Lars Åkerlund/Zbigniew Karkowski - "Aware Not Aware/Radio Enemy"

Side A
Lars Åkerlund – Aware Not Aware (16.29)

Side B
Zbigniew Karkowski – Radio Enemy (18.07)

This split LP is one of several collaborative projects between Zbigniew Karkowski and Lars Åkerlund, which took place during the years 2012–2013. The collaboration between Karkowski and Åkerlund goes back to the 1980s, with projects like P.I.T.T. and the Dreamers and Onge-4-X. They continued during the 90s with an opera setting of Dostoyevsky´s The Idiot and a trio with Dror Feiler, among other things. Collaborations during recent years include the CD Horology, which Karkowski and Åkerlund made together with Jean-Louis Huhta. The three of them also made a couple of live performances during 2012 and 2013 in the re-unioned 80s group Mental Hackers. It was after their acclaimed concert with Mental Hackers at Fylkingen in May 2012 that the idea of this LP was born, whereafter Karkowski and Åkerlund each began working on one piece for it. The record proved to become Karkowski´s last one – at least the last that he, himself, took part in the planning of.

Zbigniew Karkowski died on December 12th 2013, after having been diagnosed with cancer only two months earlier.

Daniel Rozenhall, Executive producer

Note: The cover of this LP wrongly indicates that the duration of Lars Åkerlund´s Aware Not Aware is 23.15. The correct duration is 16.29.

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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