FYLP 1034 - Reizen

Atsushi Reizen, guitar

Atsushi Reizen, living in Japan, uses electric-guitar-based sound sources
with drone, noise and minimalist techniques. In 2007 he formed the ambient
quartet Nerae, but he has now left the group to focus on his solo music.
This LP features two newly recorded tracks based on the concept of
"differing speeds", and a track recorded live at Fylkingen in Stockholm.
Edition of 350 hand numbered copies.

Side 1

Track 1. Different Speeds No.2 (08.00)

Track 2. _ (10.34)

Side 2

Live Recording at Fylkingen, Stockholm, 23 Feb.2013 (17.44)

45 rpm

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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FYLP 1034
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