Bodin, Nilsson, Rabe, Hanson, Mellnäs
FYLP 1029 - Bodin, Nilsson, Rabe, Hanson, Mellnäs "5 September 1982"

This is Fylkingen's contribution to the celebration of John Cage´s 70th birthday. The album presents works - all commissioned by Fylkingen on this special occasion - by composers from the 1960´s generation that show their relations to an important precursor.

Lars-Gunnar Bodin "For Jon III"
Leo Nilsson "Early Ear"
Folke Rabe "To the Barbender"
Sten Hanson "The Flight of the Bumble Bee"
Arne Mellnäs "31 Variations on CAGE"

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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