Bodin, Bäck, Dodge etc
FYLP 1025 - Bodin, Bäck, Dodge etc "Sthlm Elektronmusikfestival 1980"

During some years, since 1979 and onwards, the Swedish Radio Company and the Stockholm Electronic Music Studio (EMS) arranged an annual 3-day festival for electronic music in Stockholm. Its purpose was to present a sample of the electronic music being composed in different parts of the world. This record contains four works from the 1980 festival - two are Swedish and two are international; two are for tape and two combine tape with live performance.

Lars-Gunnar Bodin "Epilogue; rhapsodie de la seconde recolte"
Sven-Erik Bäck "Annus Solaris"
Charles Dodge "Any resemblance is purely coincidental"
John Melby "Concert for violin and tape"

Kerstin Stål, voice
Kerstin Åberg, piano
Nils-Erik Sparf, violin

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FYLP 1025
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