Knut Sönstevold
FYLP 1011 - Knut Sönstevold "Bassoon"

The Swedish works on this record are results of collaborations with a number of composers when Knut Sönstevold, at that time principal bassoonist with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, designed a project for bassoon and electronically processed sounds. Sönstevold has, in addition to his works as a musician, also been active as a composer, producing mainly electronic music and music for his own instrument.

Miklos Maros "Manipulation I"
Carel Brons "Monologue IV"
Arne Mellnäs "Soliloquium IV"
Lars-Gunnar Bodin "Primary Structures"
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Solo für Melodieinstrument mit Ruckkopplung"
Sten Hanson "Play Power II"

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FYLP 1011
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