Mechanical Restraint
Analogue Society
FYSP 1002 - Analogue Society "Mechanical Restraint"

Side I: mr-1 (6min)
Side II: mr-2, mr-3 (5min 30 sec)

All pieces recorded live at the Plastikville Studio. Sound sources through the use of pure analogue devices and various kinds of metal apparata connected through electronics, unaffected in any way in the hope of rendering a kind of sonic inscription of the machines.

Uher mag recorder
Hydrophone pickups
Piezo pickups
Sony condensor
Metal plate delay
Wire spool recorder
Sound gizmo

Production: Larry 7 w/ assistance from Jim Sharpe
Cover design by Larry 7 and Leif Elggren

Price: 50 SEK + shipping

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FYSP 1002
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