Mattias Petersson & Fredrik Olofsson
FYDVD 1002 - Mattias Petersson & Fredrik Olofsson "Ström"

Ström is a 45 minute piece for five loudspeakers, live-electronics and live-video, based on an openminded, artistic approach towards electricity. The piece is an attempt to transfer electric current via sound to the audience. The five speakers in the surround system struggle to take over the sonic stream like electro-magnets. Sine waves and noises rotate at breakneck speed around the listeners, try to charge them with static electricity, and, as an ultimate goal, even make them levitate.

The video part is directly connected to the sound and is generated from five discrete lines - one for each channel in the surround system. The lines are treated in different ways, and as the high voltage builds up in the music they look more and more like electric wires, inflicting each other with violent discharges and eruptions.

The piece is divided into two main parts; the first is around 15 minutes and the second is 30 minutes. The second part is sub-divided into 9 parts of equal length. On the DVD this is shown as different chapters for convenience, although these are not to be considered as different »songs« - more like different levels of high voltage. For maximum effect and levitation height, Ström should be watched and listened to from beginning to end.

Music by Mattias Petersson
Video by Fredrik Olofsson

1. Part 1 14:41
2-10. Part 2 30:53

Total time: 45:34

Price: 150 SEK + shipping

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