Anders Blomqvist & Josef Doukkali
FYCDR 2001 - Anders Blomqvist & Josef Doukkali "Passage"

PASSAGE, a reconstruction of Jaguar Revisted & Sincere 1983-1997. The intermedia works were photographed and put to music during two different periods. The first work, "Jaguar Revisted", was completed in the summer of 1983. The material originated from the outskirts of Liége in the Belgian part of Ruhr-the cradle of industrialism. After this, we decided to continue reflecting on different living conditions and ways to leave buildings where people had lived, earned their keep, or event spent their spare time. The second part was to be the anti-thesis to "Jaguar Revisted".

The images in "Sincere" are from Italy, more precisely Lombardy, where we visited the closed-down Grand Hotel in the mountainous health resort of San Pellegrino-Terme. By 1988 the hotel had stayed unoccupied for 28 years.

The reconstruction of the two works in the shape of a CD-ROM has put to test memories of how we first experienced them and gives the dramatic content, hitherto of secundary importance in favor of the more form-related qualities of an intermedia work, another and greater meaning. PASSAGE implies a distance covered for the first time, full of opportunities to associate to personal experience as a traveller or to recieve new unexpected impressions, turning the passing landscape into a new encounter, another acquaintance different to those made on erlier trips.

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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FYCDR 2001
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