Sten Hanson
FYCD 1035 - Sten Hanson "My Last Works"

STEN HANSON passed away on November 1st 2013. During the last year we discussed with him to make a record with four of his unreleased works from the last then years period. Sten had the title for this record: My Last Works.
Daniel Rozenhall & Leif Elggren, August 2014

1. Sweet Jesus (2009) 12,08
2. Moosebranch (2007) 10,21
3. Klipp mig för fan 17,58
4. Ränn Sten (2004) 18,43

The CD includes a 40 page booklet with essays by Magnus Haglund and Gerrit Jan de Rook.

Price: 120 SEK + shipping

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FYCD 1035
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