FYCD 1019:1-2 - "Circle0"

compiled and produced by m. stavöstrand
cover design by a. berthling

CD 1
andreas berthling "life #2"
richard chartier "herein, then"
dead letters spell out dead words "02136"
m. fell "club tropicana"
b.j. nilsen "betrieb - magnetophon"
heimir björgulfsson "spiral loop"
jonas lindgren "bliss"
ronsun "tupplur"
taylor deupree "clip forward"
tv pow "proud to be a guest lecturer"
dion workman "07.00 (variation)"

CD 2
pfeffenbauer "sound001"
kid606 "station to station"
grecl "vallac"
mokira "bark"
.porte "lugnet"
tennis "the interview"
hayce "cadillac"
mikael stavöstrand "pol.AIF"
all spec kit & smyglyssna "fucking laptop"
minimal sweden "variation"
folie "fasad"
silent comfort "sc-1"

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FYCD 1019:1-2
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