Yuji Takahashi plays John Cage
FYCD 1010 - Yuji Takahashi plays John Cage "Sonatas and Interludes Vol: 1-2"

The recordings of John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48) with Yuji Takahashi on preparated piano was originally made in 1965 and released on two LP:s 1966.

They were Fylkingen Records' first releases with the intention to make documentations of Fylkingen's concerts in public, and a test of the sound expert Stig Carlsson's thoughts about recording techniques.

The Sonates and interludes are an attempt to express in music the "permanent emotions" of Indian tradition: the heroic, the erotic, the wondrous, the mirthful, sorrow, fear, anger, the odius and their common tendency to toward tranquillity.

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