Too much too soon orchestra
FYCD 1007 - Too much too soon orchestra "What is the point of Paris?"

The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra was founded by Dror Feiler during the mid eighties. The idea was to form a group that extended the bounds of improvised music, both in method and aesthetics. One of the characteristic elements is the use of non-musical instruments such as power tools. The orchestra has appeared in many different line-ups. The ultimate and most powerful version of the T.M.T.S.O. has been the quintet with Tommy Björk, Dror Feiler, Raymond King, Mats Lindström and Sören Runolf. This CD contains three live recordings with this group, on one track reinforced with Paul Pignon on clarinets.

Tommy Björk - drums, percussion
Dror Feiler - sopranino, alto and tenor saxophoes, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, melodica, grinding machine, chain saw, jackhammer, sledgehammer
Raymond King - electric cello
Mats Lindström -zither, synthesizers, home-made electronics, face-grinding machine, electric drill, electric razor, jackhammer, sledgehammer
Paul Pignon (track 2) - clarinets
Sören Runolf - electric guitar, synthesizer, melodica, electric drill, face-grinding machine


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