INSTÄLLT! Forever flow of wet long fingers at least some millions touching the lights of one another (love u like e.t)



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Duration: 40 minutes

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Leaning out. At some point we could not stand on our own anymore. We got so used to these extensions in our bodies, these connections. Connecting sacred motherships, invisible strings attaching us, strangers, lovers. Only seen sometimes, early early in the crispy morning light- stretching across vast landscapes we are melting like icebergs, affecting land across latitudes and spanning apparently disconnected geographies.

I have, during the past two years, built an electronic string-instrument that would connect two people and could only be played by these two people leaning out to create the resonance for the sound. The results of this instrument is showed in my performance ”Forever flow of wet long fingers at least some millions touching the lights of one another (love u like e.t)”

It is a choreographic exploration of the entanglement of sound. It uses the electronic string instrument activated by two bodies as a catalyst for movement and relation. This relation between the two dancers undulates between being a restful point of connection- an umbilical cord, to a sometimes violent attachment.


By Elisabeth Raymond/ Eli Eli // Performed together with Amber Smits // Sound Design: Cicely Irvine // Instrument building support: Yuri Landman // Dramaturgy and advice: Elina Birkehag, Noha Ramadan, Bruno Listopad // Reading: Donna Haraway, Karen Barad, Maya Angelou // Thanks to: Raoni Muzho Saleh, Johan Ibrahim Adam, Lorenz Rommelspacher // Produced with the means of SNDO, School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam University of Arts. With kind support of Swedish Arts Council -Konstnärsnämnden.


Eli Eli (Elisabeth Raymond), is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist navigating through a field of entanglement, connection, and un-rootedness. They are working with scores of mapping and listening to the gentle pushes of bodies; bodies as in landscapes, bodies as in matter, bodies as in beings- how one thing is never separate from another. Their main focus lies in sharing a practice of listening to the world, of collecting collective knowledge, and expanding the art-field beyond the capitalist desires of production. Their work can be experienced through performances, workshops, writings, films, and installations, and they often communicate a sense of tactility, of radical softness and care, of attentiveness- as generosity.