New festival produced by Alex Zethson & Hara Alonso, devoted to solo piano performances and featuring Ellen Arkbro, Lisa Ullén, Sten Sandell, Jonas Olsson, Arne Forsén, Kristine Scholz & Mats Persson, Matti Ollikainen, Tomas Hallonsten and Anna Christensson.

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(may be subject to changes)

Saturday 24/10.
19.00 jonas olsson
20.00 lisa ullén
21.15 anna christensson

Sunday 25/10
14.00 kristine scholz / mats persson
15.00 sten sandell
16.00 arne forsén
19.00 tomas hallonsten
20.00 matti ollikainen
21.15 ellen arkbro

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Produced by Thanatosis Produktion, in collaboration with Fylkingen, with support from Kulturrådet and Musikverket.
A Fylkingen member production by Hara Alonson and Alex Zethson.