Like the Mind

Like the Mind is a brand new super ensemble of award winning Canadian and Swedish female improvisors: Peggy Lee on cello,
Meredith Bates on violin, Elisa Thorn on harp, Lisa Ullén on piano, Lisen Rylander Löve on saxophone, and Emma Augustsson on cello.

These women have pursued their careers to achieve excellence and are recognized both within and beyond their respective countries' borders as raising the bar of artistic innovation and merit. Their accolades are countless and they keep on forging ahead as leaders in their fields and artists of absolute integrity and outstanding ability. Born out of the unmistakeable similarities between their musical sensibilities,
Like the Mind is dedicated to creating sound works, both through-composed and improvised, that represent the vast and limitless landscapes that both Canada and Sweden share. The drastic vertical decent from the highest mountain peaks down to the ocean, the endless rolling countryside, and the permafrost of the North. Canada and Sweden share so many visible and tangible geographic elements, not to mention cultural and socioeconomic similarities, that it is inevitable that their musical output shares so much sonically. Improvised creative music is the spontaneous voicing of these cultural ties and represents, in the moment, through the socio-communicative language of sound, everything that we feel together.

Admission: 80 SEK
Reduced: 50 SEK
Samproduktion: Lupino Live