Christofer Bjurström solo/ Bjurström-Petraskevica-Dimming-Le Nestour

14 Jun 2019 - 19:00

Christofer Bjurström is a Swedish pianist and composer living in Bretagne, France. Active member of the jazz and improvised music scene in France, he has also composed music for the theatre and for silent movies. His collaboration inside different musical groups and experiments brought him to develop a personal musical world, which could be described as poetical and impressionist, often soft, sometimes ironic or violent, with a focus on sound textures.
He will play some parts of his new solo set, «Sea Foam » where he explores the idea of disappearing, remnants and traces.

In a second set, Christofer meets Stockholm based improvisers Mats Dimming-bass, Anna Petraskevica- flute/bass flute and Yann Le Nestour-bass clarinet.

Fritt inträde, insläpp 19, konsert 20.

Medlemsproduktion: Yann Le Nestour